May 2023 Spotlights Mental Health. Mental Health Month is held in the United States and Mental Health Awareness Week is held 15-21 May in the United Kingdom.

Mental Health Month

What is the theme for the (United States) Mental Health Month?

In May Is Mental Health Month! the Mental Health America (MHA) explain:

May 2023 Spotlights Mental Health“MHA’s 2023 Mental Health Month campaign is focused on how surroundings impact mental health, and we are calling for individuals to look around, look within.

Topics that we specifically address include:

  • Safe and Stable Housing
  • Healthy Home Environments
  • Neighborhoods and Towns
  • The Outdoors and Nature

We’ll help people understand how these topics impact mental health, provide tips for actions people can take to change their surroundings in favor of their well-being, and suggestions for how to cope if change isn’t realistic”.

Mental Health Awareness Week

What is the theme for the (United Kingdom) Mental Health Awareness Week?

On the theme of ‘anxiety’, this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is from 15 to 21 May, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation [MHF]:

“Focusing on anxiety for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week will increase people’s awareness and understanding of anxiety by providing information on the things that can help prevent it from becoming a problem. At the same time, we will keep up the pressure to demand change – making sure that improving mental health is a key priority for the government and society as a whole”.

May 2023 Spotlights Mental HealthMenopause and Mental Health

Is there an association between menopause and mental health?

In Menopause and Mental Health: Untangling Physical and Mental Health Symptoms Related To Menopause the Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) explain:

“While not a problem for everyone transitioning through menopause, the risk of mood changes and symptoms of depression and anxiety are higher during perimenopause, even in women without a history of major depression.

While the risk is higher for women in the age-related and natural menopausal transition, women might also have a higher risk of mood changes after menopause caused by surgery such as hysterectomy or if the ovaries have been removed. Depression also occurs at a higher rate in women with a lack of oestrogen caused by primary ovarian insufficiency”.

Health Care Provider

What if I feel more out-of-sorts than usual?

If you feel more anxious, more depressed, more stressed or more out-of-sorts than usual, it may be in your best interest to choose to talk to your health care provider about this.

In Menopause and Mental Health: Untangling Physical and Mental Health Symptoms Related To Menopause the AMS also elaborate on:

“Speaking with your doctor about your menopausal symptoms, life circumstances and clinical history can help them to recommend the best treatment options and lifestyle and behavioural changes for your situation”.

Health Topics A-Z

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