“‘Early menopause’ is when the final menstrual period occurs between 40 and 45 years”. Some women share their stories about how early menopause affected them.

Early Menopause and Premature Menopause

Is early menopause the same as premature menopause?Early Menopause StoriesEarly Menopause Stories

In Later Years (Around 50 Years and Over): Menopause and Post Menopause Health – Early and Premature Menopause the (Scottish) NHS Inform explain:

“Menopause before the age of 45 is called early menopause. Menopause before the age of 40 is called premature menopause”.

Support After Early Menopause Your Stories

What is the (Australian) Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (JH) ‘Your Stories’?

In Support After Early Menopause Your Stories the (Australian) JH elaborate on:

“‘Your Stories’ is a place for women to share their health stories with us, to help support and encourage other women to make their health a priority too. Here is Natalie’s story.

Natalie, Melbourne, Victoria

Only hours after she was told she would have to undergo a hysterectomy and forego all hope of ever getting pregnant, Natalie headed off to her friend’s baby shower.

She and her husband had been trying for 18 months to have a baby. The endometriosis that Natalie had been trying to manage since her teens derailed their dream and the subsequent hysterectomy sent her into early menopause in her early 40s…”.

Early Menopause: Women’s Experiences

What is Early Menopause: Women’s Experiences?

In Early Menopause: Women’s Experiences – Overview, Healthtalk Australia elaborate on:

Early Menopause: Experiences and Perspectives of Women and Health Practitioners“On this unique site you can read, watch and listen to stories of 30 women aged between 28 and 51 years, from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds living in Victoria, Australia, who have shared what it is like to experience early menopause (EM).

Women talked about being diagnosed with spontaneous early menopause, premature ovarian insufficiency (POI), medically-induced early menopause, or menopausal symptoms as a result of cancer and/or other medical treatments”.

Early Menopause Video Stories

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Health Care Provider

What if I think I have early menopause?

If you think you have early menopause, it may be in your best interest to choose to talk to your health care provider about this. Together you can discuss your options and if required, agree on who may be the most appropriate health care provider to help you.

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