Men’s Health Week 2023 may be taking place during June in your Country. International Men’s Health Week and Month are also in June.

International Men’s Health Week

What is International Men’s Health Week?

In International Men’s Health Week: International Men’s Health Week 2022 Is June 13-19 the note:

Men’s Health Week 2023“The goal is to increase awareness of male health issues on a global level and to encourage inter- and intra-national institutions to develop health policies and services that meet the specific needs of men, boys, and their families”.

Top Men’s Health Threats

What are the top men’s health threats?

In Men’s Health: In-Depth – Men’s Health: Prevent the Top Threats: Stop Avoiding the Doctor the (United States) Mayo Clinic explain:

“Do you know the top men’s health threats? The list includes heart disease, cancer and unintentional injury. Thankfully, most men’s health threats are largely preventable. Make healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a healthy diet and including physical activity in your daily routine.

It’s also important to manage risky behavior, such as drinking too much and engaging in casual sex. Of course, commonsense precautions — such as using safety ladders and wearing a seat belt — count, too”.

Health Care Provider

Why is it important for men to see a doctor for regular checkups even if they feel healthy?

In Men: Take Charge of Your Health – The Basics: Overview – How Can I Take Charge of My Health? the (United States) MyHealthFinder elaborate on:

“See a doctor for regular checkups even if you feel healthy. This is important because some diseases and health conditions don’t have symptoms at first. Plus, seeing a doctor will give you a chance to learn more about your health.

Here are some more things you can do to take care of your health:

  • Eat healthy and get active
  • If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation
  • Quit smoking
  • Know your family’s health history
  • Get screening tests to check for health problems before you have symptoms
  • Make sure you’re up to date on your vaccines (shots)”.

Men’s Health Week 2023

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Health Topics A-Z

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