Hot Flushes Snapshot can be a place to start if you are searching for information about menopausal hot flushes or hot flashes. Between 70 – 80% of women experience hot flushes.


What can it be helpful to know about hot flushes/flashes?

In Hot Flashes: Symptoms and Causes – Overview the (United States) Mayo Clinic explain:

“A hot flash is the sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, which is usually most intense over the face, neck and chest. Your skin might redden, as if you’re blushing. A hot flash can also cause sweating. If you lose too much body heat, you might feel chilled afterward. Night sweats are hot flashes that happen at night, and they may disrupt your sleep”.


What are some hot flushes/flashes treatment?

On page one in Deciding About Hormone Therapy Use the North American Menopause Society elaborate on:

Hot Flushes Snapshot
“Many women experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and other physical changes with menopause. For some women, the symptoms are mild and do not require any treatment. For others, symptoms are moderate or severe and interfere with daily activities. Hot flashes improve with time, but some women have bothersome hot flashes for many years. Menopause symptoms often improve with lifestyle changes and nonprescription remedies, but prescription therapies also are available, if needed. Government-approved treatments for bothersome hot flashes include hormone therapy (HT) containing estrogen, as well as a nonhormone medication (paroxetine)”.

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