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Perimenopause SnapshotIn Menopause FAQs: An Introduction To Menopause – Q. What is perimenopause? the North American Menopause Society’s definition of perimenopause is:

“A. The gradual transition between the reproductive years and menopause is called perimenopause (meaning around menopause). It is generally a transition lasting many years and can be associated with shorter menstrual intervals, irregular menses, hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms. In some women, these symptoms are troublesome enough to require medical intervention”.

Perimenopause SnapshotIn What Is Menopause? What Is Peri-Menopause (The Menopausal Transition)? the Australasian Menopause Society’s definition of perimenopause is:

Perimenopause Snapshot

“Peri-menopause refers to the time leading up to menopause when a woman may start experiencing changes in her menstrual periods such as, irregular periods or changes in flow. Cycles can be shorter or longer in length. Symptoms may also include hot flushes and night sweats, aches and pains, fatigue or irritability as well as premenstrual symptoms such as sore breasts. These changes may be caused by fluctuations in the production of hormones from the ovary. Some women can experience menopausal symptoms for 5-10 years before their final menstrual period. There is no way to predict the age at which a woman’s menopausal symptoms will start or how long they will last”.

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