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Postmenopause, how may women look after their health?

On page four in Maintaining Health and Preventing Disease After the Menopause the International Menopause Society’s Top 10 Prevention Tips for Chronic Disease In Later Life are:

“The first 10 years post menopause is an important window for intervention and is where preventative measures can be most effective:

  1. Smoking cessation
  2. Reduction of alcohol consumptionPostmenopause Snapshot
  3. Regular aerobic exercise
  4. Healthy diet
  5. Control of body weight
  6. Participation in mentally stimulating activities
  7. Regular screening for cancer
  8. Consideration of MHT in women younger than age 60, not only to help manage hot flushes and other symptoms of the menopause transition but also potentially, to help prevent CHD
  9. Consideration of specific prevention therapies for other diseases if you are at higher risk because of family history or other personal risk factor
  10. Be sure to discuss your options and prevention strategies with your healthcare professional”.

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