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“Migraine is affected by the changing hormone environment, with perimenopause associated with increased migraine, particularly menstrual migraine”. Read more

“During the transition to menopause (called perimenopause), it is normal to skip periods, but very frequent or heavy bleeding episodes…”. Read more

“It is important to note that women who have gone through the menopause should not have any vaginal bleeding/spotting. If this occurs, see your doctor”. Read more

“Keep a record of the physical and emotional symptoms troubling you and list their frequency and effect on your daily life. This information can help to see…”. Read more

“By beginning to identify and understand the sources of your stress, you’ve taken the first step in learning to better manage it. Manage it, not eliminate it”. Read more

“Changes to your periods are often the first sign of perimenopause, but other common symptoms include hot flushes and mood swings”. Read more

“World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and the support options available…”. Read more

“Pelvic pain is felt below your bellybutton. It may come on suddenly and severely, or could be mild and last for months”. Read more

“It is important to note that bleeding after menopause is not normal and should be investigated. Postmenopausal bleeding is bleeding that occurs…”. Read more

You can choose to look for a pattern with changes in your periods, hot flushes/flashes, night sweats, mood changes, mood swings, irritability, difficulty sleeping… Read more