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In World Menopause Day: World Menopause Day 2017 the International Menopause Society (IMS) explain about their Patient Information Leaflet:

“This Patient Information Leaflet is a guide to Perimenopausal Bleeding, its causes and the treatments available as well as a call to women entering mid life to ensure they seek professional advice if they have any concerns about Abnormal Uterine Bleeding as it can be a symptom of other more serious conditions”.

World Menopause Day SnapshotOn page three in their Patient Information Leaflet Changes Before the Change: Should I Visit My GP? the IMS explain:

“Many women experience Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) during perimenopause. AUB is defined as bleeding that differs in frequency, regularity, duration or amount to your regular menstrual bleeding. Changes to the menstrual cycle often carry no significant consequences; however, they could have a range of causes. So, although it may simply be a symptom of perimenopause, it is still sensible to raise the issue with your healthcare professional”.

Who is a GP?

DotS (Depending on the Source) and/or DotC (Depending on the Country) a GP may be a qualified and registered general practitioner, a medical practitioner, a medical doctor or a doctor.

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