Women’s Health Week 2021 in Australia, will be held from 6-10 September, run by the Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. “Women’s health. Powerful stuff”.

Women’s Health Week

What is Women’s Health Week?

The Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (JH) explain:

Women’s Health Week 2021“Jean Hailes’ Women’s Health Week is a campaign of events and online activities – all centred on improving women’s health and helping you to make healthier choices”.

Women’s Health Week 2021

What does Women’s Health Week 2021 include?

In The Week the JH elaborate on:

Women’s Health Week 2021

Women’s Health Week 2021Day 1: Move it Monday!

What does Move It Monday! include?

In Move it Monday! the JH explain:

“Women’s Health Week 2021 kicks off with a bang with a day dedicated to moving your body. A live fitness class, taking small steps in the right direction, learn how much you need to move to be healthy, and ‘life-hacks’ for working from home”.

Women’s Health Week 2021Day 2: Tricky Periods

What does Tricky Periods include?

In Tricky Periods the JH explain:

“On Day 2, we will turn our attention to tricky periods, a women’s health topic that we need to hear more about. Learn the ins and out of your menstrual cycle and let’s bust some myths about what is and isn’t normal”.

Women’s Health Week 2021Day 3: Private Lives

What does Private Lives include?

In Private Lives the JH explain:

“Talking about sex and relationships for women of all ages, we’ll be taking a close look at the ebb and flow of libido (sex drive), and how to navigate the waves of change, plus speaking to the experts on how to have better conversations around sex and sexuality”.

Women’s Health Week 2021Day 4: Mind Matters

What does Mind Matters include?

In Mind Matters the JH explain:

“Mental health in the age of COVID, with thanks to our mental health day partner Liptember. We’ll be sitting down with the experts to talk about how we find our new mental health ‘normal’ in a pandemic world”.

Women’s Health Week 2021Day 5: Slumber Party!

What does Slumber Party! include?

In Slumber Party the JH explain:

“On Friday, sleep is in the spotlight as we unpack the importance of sleep for women’s health, the impact of sleep disorders and the facts about sleep deprivation among women”.

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

What is the JH?

In About Us: Who We Are the JH explain:

“Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women’s knowledge and understanding of complex health issues. Our aim is to inspire confidence to create a healthier future for all women”.

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