The Australian national Women’s Health Survey 2020 results were launched for the sixth annual survey by the Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (JH), today 08 December 2020.

Women’s Health Survey 2020

Jean Hailes for Women’s HealthWhat was the Australian national Women’s Health Survey 2020 developed to identify?

In Women’s Health Survey 2020 the JH explain:

“The survey was developed to identify emerging issues and trends in women’s health, and to inform health promotion activities (including Jean Hailes’ annual national Women’s Health Week campaign) so that they more effectively respond to the specific health and information needs of women in Australia”.

Women’s Health Survey 2020 Highlights

What are some of the highlights of the Australian national Women’s Health Survey 2020?

In ‘Sobering and Powerful’: 2020 National Women’s Health Survey Results Released the JH note:

Women’s Health Survey 2020

“Highlights of the survey’s findings include:

  • Almost three out of five women who experienced miscarriage and/or stillbirth said they did not receive enough information and support to manage their loss
  • Almost one in four women experienced some form of intimate partner violence. Women with disabilities were more likely to experience controlling behaviour and physical violence, as were LGBTIQ women
  • Almost one in five women said they could not afford to see a health professional. Women with disabilities and LGBTIQ women were particularly disadvantaged
  • One in three women reported symptoms of anxiety and one in four reported symptoms of depression
  • Women aged 25-44 were busier than before COVID. They coped with longer working hours in their jobs and in their homes, as well as managing remote learning for children”.

Women’s Health Week 2020

What was the JH’s Women’s Health Week 2020?

In Women’s Health Week 2020 Successfully Reaches Women With Health Check Message: About Women’s Health Week the JH elaborate on:

National Women’s Health Survey

“Women’s Health Week is held annually in September and is the biggest week in Australia focusing on good health and wellbeing for women and girls. It is a timely reminder for women to take positive and proactive steps to being healthy in mind and body”.

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