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“The first 10 years post menopause is an important window for intervention and is where preventative measures can be most effective…”. Read more

“Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, cognitive decline and dementia, depression, and cancer are the key diseases to address”. Read more

“Perimenopause usually happens in a woman’s 40s
and on average lasts 4-6 years,
but can be as short as one year, or as long as 10”. Read more

“Postmenopause is the time after menopause. A woman can experience menopausal symptoms in postmenopause. How long this continues varies for each woman”. Read more

“This is the stage where your periods are still regular but the first symptoms such as night sweats and mood swings may occur. However, sometimes it is used to mean…”. Read more

“Exact figures on the number of post-menopausal women and the number reaching menopause every year are difficult to obtain”. Read more

“Climacteric – The phase in the aging of women marking the transition from the reproductive phase to the non-reproductive state. This phase incorporates…”. Read more

“…STRAW+10, will help clinicians predict when a woman will enter menopause and guide the selection of treatment options for menopausal symptoms and…”. Read more