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“No, menopause itself doesn’t increase the risk of cancer. Cancers are more common as people age, however. Most cancers occur in people age 55 and older”. Read more

“If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic put you off contacting your GP”. Read more

“There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer, so all women need to be aware of the symptoms. The most commonly reported symptoms for ovarian cancer are…”. Read more

“The primary goal of screening is to identify precancerous lesions caused by HPV so they can be removed to prevent invasive cancers from developing”. Read more

“Cervical cancer can often be found early,
and sometimes even prevented,
by having regular screening tests”. Read more

Pap Tests and I

Even though I am young,
or I am a virgin,
or I have had the HPV vaccine,
I may still need regular Pap tests. Read more

“Lung cancer is by far the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women, making up almost 25% of all cancer deaths. Each year, more people die of lung…”. Read more

“The five types of gynecologic cancers are
ovarian, endometrial/uterine, cervical,
vulvar and vaginal cancer”. Read more

“It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between which are ‘normal’ menopausal symptoms and which symptoms are made worse because of the cancer”. Read more

“With aging, the incidence of all cancers is expected to increase. For women, the most important cancers are breast, colon, endometrial, ovarian and lung cancer”. Read more