Menopause FAQs: Menopause Information In Multiply Languages includes multilingual menopause videos produced by the International Menopause Society.

Menopause Videos

Where may I find menopause videos in multiply languages?

Menopause FAQs: Menopause In Multiply LanguagesThe International Menopause Society have produced Information About Menopause, a series of seven videos currently available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Menopause FAQs

Where may I find more menopause FAQs?

Menopause FAQs: Sexual Health ConcernsIn Menopause FAQs: Expert Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Menopause you may find Menopause FAQS: An Introduction To Menopause where the NAMS explain:

“Menopause marks the end of the childbearing phase of a woman’s life that began with puberty. If you’re concerned about menopause, it’s time to get educated. The first step in understanding menopause is to learn what it is, what it’s not, and how it may affect you. NAMS experts answer your most frequently asked questions about menopause”.

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