This week is Women’s Health Week in Australia, by the Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (JH). Five days, five different topics, from 3-7 September 2018.

Meno Martha and Women’s Health Week

As part of Women’s Health Week the JH Meno Martha and Women’s Health Weekconducted their Australian Women’s Health Survey 2018. The JH explain about the women who participated in the survey:

“The Jean Hailes fourth annual Women’s Health Survey reveals the health needs, behaviours and concerns of women across the country. This year, 15,262 women aged 18 years or older and living in Australia responded to the survey”.

Some highlights of the survey results from the Women’s Health Survey 2018 include:

Mental Health

  • Almost half of the women (46.1%) who responded to the survey had been diagnosed with depression or anxiety by a doctor or psychologist
  • Two-thirds of women (66.9%) reported feeling nervous, anxious or on edge in the last four weeks
  • More than a third of women (34.3%) reported not getting time to themselves on a weekly basis”.

In their website Anxiety: Learn, Think, Do the JH elaborate on:

“This website has been developed to help you understand more about worry, anxiety and anxiety disorders at different times in your life”.

In Health Topics A-Z you may find:

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