If the middle age spread was the latest craze in exercise or dancing, I would own it with musical enthusiasm.

But since it is not, it is with a bulging waistline of reluctance, I admit I did the middle age spread.

Meno Martha and Her Middle Age SpreadTo be fair, if I look for a pattern with my past weight gain, there was one. Every time I stopped moving, I put on weight. The less I moved, the more I ate. The more I ate, the less I moved.

My middle age weight gain was no exception. But this time the difference was, my middle merged. My middle spread upwards to merge with my breasts and downwards to marry my thighs.

As a result of these two mergers, I learned – the hard way – if I was going to eat “that” and not put on weight, I had to move my body.

You are right. Calories In = Calories Out, is not rocket science, but I would rather have my cake and eat it too.Meno Martha and Her Middle Age Spread

Besides, at my age, I thought I could blame menopause. Or not.

On page four in Maintaining Health and Preventing Disease After the Menopause: Preventing Metabolic Effects Post Menopause the International Menopause Society explain:

“Although women frequently report weight gain at midlife, studies across different populations have consistently shown that weight gain is primarily influenced by age, not menopause”.

Oops. Perhaps it is time for me to walk the talk…

Meno Martha and Her Middle Age SpreadIn Midlife Weight Gain—Sound Familiar? You’re Not Alone on the North American Menopause Society’s MenoPause Blog, the author elaborates on:

“Weight gain is a common, frustrating problem for midlife women and can lead to overweight and obesity and increased risk for chronic medical conditions. Understanding the factors that lead to weight gain and changes in body composition, as well as the importance of lifestyle modification in combating or even preventing these changes, can help women maintain their weight and their health as they age.”

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