After menopause, our cardiovascular disease – heart disease and stoke – goal posts move. Cardiovascular disease is “the number one killer of women”.

In Risk Factors: Cardiovascular Risk Factors – Non-Modifiable Risk Factors: Other Common Non-Modifiable Risk Factors – Gender the World Heart Federation elaborate on:

Meno Martha and Gender Difference In Cardiovascular HealthMeno Martha and Gender Difference In Cardiovascular Health“Your gender is significant: as a man you are at greater risk of heart disease than a pre-menopausal woman. But once past the menopause, a woman’s risk is similar to a man’s. Risk of stroke is similar for men and women”.

Meno Martha and Gender Difference In Cardiovascular HealthThe video Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Health in the North American Menopause Society’s Video Series-2018 explains:

Meno Martha and Gender Difference In Cardiovascular Health

“In this latest video, Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Health, Dr. Shapiro interviews Dr. Howard Hodis, Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine and Director of the Atherosclerosis Research Unit, Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dr. Hodis addresses gender differences and primary prevention for cardiovascular disease in midlife women. He also explains the new class of LDL-lowering drugs available and how they differ from statins”.

What are LDL-lowering drugs?

LDL can be Low-Density Lipoprotein drugs.

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