Are you thinking of taking “bioidentical” hormones or compounded “bioidentical” hormones because they are supposed to be “safer and more effective than hormones used in traditional hormone therapy for menopause symptoms”?

In Bioidentical Hormones: Are They Safer? Are “Bioidentical” or “Natural” Hormones Safer and More Effective Than Hormones Used In Traditional Hormone Therapy for Menopause Symptoms? an author on the (United States) Mayo Clinic website explains:

“No, they aren’t. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and several medical specialty groups, the hormones marketed as “bioidentical” and “natural” aren’t safer than hormones used in traditional hormone therapy, and there’s no evidence they’re any more effective”.

In Menopause: Did You Know? “Bio-identical” Hormones and Compounded “Bio-identical” Hormones, the (United States) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) elaborate on:

Meno Martha and Bioidentical Hormones“Some hormones for menopause are called “bio-identical” by their sellers because they claim they are identical to hormones made in a woman’s body. These hormones are made from plant estrogens and are said to be a natural form of Menopause Hormone Therapy with fewer risks. These products have not been approved by FDA.

  • FDA is concerned that claims like these may mislead women and healthcare professionals. These claims may give them a false sense of assurance about using potentially dangerous hormone products
  • Be aware that natural doesn’t always mean safe”.

Meno Martha and Bioidentical HormonesIn Bioridiculous, posted on the North American Menopause Society’s (NAMS’s) MenoPause Blog, the author includes the answer to the question:

“Why, then, do women turn to predatory, nonscientific methodologies for coping with this common life passage?”.

Meno Martha and Bioidentical HormonesIn Bioidentical Compounded Hormone Products a video in the NAMS Video Series-2017, “natural”, “bioidentical” and “compounded”, are discussed.

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