May 2022 Spotlights Mental Health. Mental Health Month is held in May in the United States and Mental Health Awareness Week is held 9-15 May in the United Kingdom.

Mental Health Month

What is the theme for the (United States) Mental Health Month?

In Mental Health Month the Mental Health America (MHA) explain:

May 2022 Spotlights Mental Health“After the last two years of pandemic living, many people are realizing that stress, isolation, and uncertainty have taken a toll on their well-being.

This year, the theme of MHA’s 2022 Mental Health Month Toolkit is “Back to Basics.” Our goal is to provide foundational knowledge about mental health & mental health conditions and information about what people can do if their mental health is a cause for concern”.

Mental Health Awareness Week

What is the theme for the (United Kingdom) Mental Health Awareness Week?

Loneliness is the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation [MHF]. In Mental Health Awareness Week: 9-15 May 2022 – Loneliness: Why Loneliness the MHF elaborate on:

May 2022 Spotlights Mental Health“Loneliness is affecting more and more of us in the UK and has had a huge impact on our physical and mental health during the pandemic. Our connection to other people and our community is fundamental to protecting our mental health and we need to find better ways of tackling the epidemic of loneliness. We can all play a part in this”.

Health Care Provider

What if I feel more out-of-sorts than usual?

If you feel more anxious, more depressed, more stressed or more out-of-sorts than usual, it may be in your best interest to choose to talk to your health care provider about this.

In Get Immediate Help the (United States) note:

“People often don’t get the mental health services they need because they don’t know where to start.

Talk to your primary care doctor or another health professional about mental health problems. Ask them to connect you with the right mental health services”.

Health Topics A-Z

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