September is gynecologic cancer awareness month in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, schedule your COVID-19 safe annual, routine wellness visit, today.

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

What is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month?

In Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month the (United States) Foundation for Women’s Cancer elaborate on:

“The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) understands the importance of bringing awareness to all gynecologic cancers—cervical, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, vaginal and vulvar cancer—and declared September as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM) with a goal of reaching more and more people each year”.
Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Gynecological Cancers

What are the five main gynecological cancers?

In Gynecologic Cancer Basics the FCA explain:

“The five types of gynecologic cancers are ovarian, endometrial/uterine, cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancer”.
Gynecologic Cancers

Postmenopausal Bleeding

Is postmenopausal bleeding or bleeding after menopause, normal?

No, no, no. In Postmenopausal Bleeding the (United Kingdom) NHS elaborate on:

“See a GP if:

You have postmenopausal bleeding, even if:

  • It’s only happened once
  • There’s only a small amount of blood, spotting, or pink or brown discharge
  • You do not have any other symptoms
  • You’re not sure if it’s blood”.

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Who is a GP?

Depending on the Source and/or Depending on the Country, a GP may be a qualified and registered general practitioner, a medical practitioner, a medical doctor or a doctor.

Routine Wellness Visit

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Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month 2021

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