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What are bioidentical hormones?

In Menopause Management: Pharmacy-Compounded Hormones the (Australian) Jean Hailes for Women’s Health explain:

“Pharmacy-compounded hormones (sometimes referred to as bioidentical hormones) are mixtures of hormones made in compounding pharmacies that are promoted as hormones ‘exactly like our own’ hormones. They can contain oestrogens, progesterone and sometimes other hormones such as testosterone.

The hormones are made into capsules, creams, gels, drops applied to the tongue, lozenges or troches (soft square-shaped tablets) sucked in the cheek”.

Natural or Not

Are bioidentical hormones natural?

In Bioidentical Custom Compounded Hormone Therapy the Australasian Menopause Society elaborate on:

“It is important to realise that no hormone used in any preparation of pharmaceutical grade menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) or compounded “bioidentical therapy” is ‘natural’. They are all synthesised in the laboratory from some precursor by enzymatic manipulation”.

Safe or Not

Are bioidentical hormones safe?

In Menopausal Symptoms: In Depth – What the Science Says About Complementary Health Approaches for Menopause Symptoms: Other Complementary Approaches – Bioidentical Hormones the (United States) National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health note:

  • “It’s been claimed that custom-mixed bioidentical hormone preparations are more effective and safer than conventional hormone therapy, but scientific evidence to support this idea is lacking. Custom-mixed bioidentical hormones may actually be riskier than conventional treatment because less is known about their safety. Also, no regulatory agency oversees their preparation, and therefore their content may vary from batch to batch”.

‘Natural’ Hormone Therapy

Are ‘natural’ hormone therapy options available?

In Menopause FAQs: Hormone Therapy for menopause Symptoms – Q. I’ve heard about something called bioidentical hormones. What are they? the North American Menopause Society’s (NAMS) elaborate on:

“A. …Bioidentical hormones do not have to be custom-compounded (meaning custom mixed). There are many well-tested, FDA-approved hormone therapy products that meet this definition and are commercially available from retail pharmacies in a variety of doses that will allow you and your doctor to customize your therapy to meet your needs”.

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