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Do you feel anxious or more anxious than usual? Would you like to worry less? Anxiety Snapshot

Anxiety: Learn, Think, Do is the (Australian) Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (JH) website for women in different life stages. The JH explain:

“This website has been developed to help you understand more about worry, anxiety and anxiety disorders at different times in your life”.

In Middle Years | Overview the JH elaborate on:

Anxiety Snapshot

“Women of all ages are likely to experience anxiety more than men but between the ages of 35 and 64 more than 20% will have had an anxiety disorder over the past 12 months. The middle years are a long and busy time. Physical changes can range from pregnancy, childbirth to menopause. Relationships can be new, old and new again. Careers can start, be put on hold, start up again. There is a lot to think about and do. It is little wonder anxiety and worry can be high at this time”.

In 65+ Years | Overview the JH elaborate on:

“Anxiety and worry tend to decrease as women get older and you don’t seem to worry or care as much about what people think of you. How wonderful would it be if we all thought this at a younger age! The focus of worries and anxiety as you get older is more likely to be on your health, money, safety and your family. There is also the chance you are more anxious about past traumatic events that have happened to you in your life, particularly if you have little support around you”.

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