R U OK? Day 2020 is Thursday 10 September in Australia. But no matter where we live, the message is international – ‘THERE’S MORE TO SAY AFTER R U OK?’. Read more

Are the custom compounded hormones you take, safe? Ask your health care provider if safer, approved products are available, as a patch, gel, spray, lotion or oral pill. Be informed and safe. Read more

Women’s Health Week 2020 in Australia, will be held from 7-11 September, run by the Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. Read more

September is gynecologic cancer awareness month in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, schedule your annual, routine wellness visit, today. Read more

Violence against women during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) can be a shadow pandemic for which there is currently no vaccine to eradicate. Read more

During perimenopause you may notice a change in the normal pattern of your periods. Keeping a record of your periods may reveal what’s-what-when. Read more

Seen This August 2020 What’s Hot includes some health information from International Sources, which may be new or updated. Read more